FliKISS comes with the command flikiss to launch a CherryPy server to serve the application.

If you have installed it in a virtualenv you need to prefix it with your virtualenv path : $PATH_TO_VIRTUALENV/bin/flikiss

$ flikiss --ip --port 8000 --url / --config /home/test/.flikissrc
-i, --ip

determine the host to serve the application (default=

-p, --port

determine the port to serve the application (default=8000)

-u, --url

determine the url to serve the application (default=/)

-c, --config

alternate config file

That’s it, FliKISS now run on the port given in argument you can then access it at http://ip:port/url/

Run in background

FliKISS does not come with something build for this. You have several solutions.

Shell background process

To run a command in background you can run it in a shell background process with nohup

$ nohup flikiss [-options]

Or run it in a screen

$ screen
$ flikiss [-options]

Press Ctrl + A then d. Your session keep going on in background.


Supervisor is a program to manage processes, it can be easily installed using your package manager or pip.

Create a configuration file /etc/supervisor/conf.d/flikiss.conf

command=flikiss [-options]

Then you need to enable your config file using as root

# supervisorctl update
# supervisorctl start your-app

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